15 Military Reunions That Will Make You Cry


The mat says it all! There really is no place quite like home, is there? It’s especially true for military families. The separations are hard, and the distance is overwhelming. That’s what makes the reunions all the more sweet. Read on for more heartwarming reunions caught on camera.

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How sweet is this military dad and his daughter? We’re guessing that he’s the only dance partner she’s been looking for. In fact, she was probably saving a dance just for him.


We’re not crying, you’re crying. (Seriously, we are crying though.) This serviceman came home to his family in Colorado, and there were hugs, babies and tears. Definitely time for tissues.



This Air Force pararescueman came home to some serious love in Texas. The sign is nice, but the kiss is better.



She’s all dressed up and looking polka-dot perfect for her seafaring father.



The reunion just couldn’t wait any longer. Hugs were needed as soon as possible for this Air Force family.



Bow-wow-wow! This is a reunion to remember. Man and his best friend, together again!



The more, the better. Layer on the kids, and let the hug fest begin.



Height difference means nothing when it comes to being reunited with a loved one. Especially one who’s been away, serving our country in the Air Force.


Who needs words when their smiles say it all? This little sister is definitely experiencing maximum-level happiness, hugging it out with her brother, who’s in the Navy.



She’s holding on for dear life, and we would expect nothing less at a moment when she’s reuniting with her own Navy pilot.



It doesn’t get any better than surprise reunions at school. Education can wait until this father has had a moment with his son.



They are one of the sweetest trios we’ve ever seen. Their small family reunion at the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina, is one to be “aww”-ed at for a long time.



The distance and separation mean nothing to the Murphy family when it comes down to the length of a baby. And if you could have anything separating you, wouldn’t you rather it be a family member?


Wrapped Up in Love


There’s no better feeling than that of wrapping your arms around your loved ones. It makes the hard days just a little bit more bearable when there are moments like this to look forward to.

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