Hilarious Fishing Photos We’re Glad Were Caught On Camera


Ah, fishing life! What could possibly be better than stepping foot onto a fishing boat, cruising out into the open waters, cracking open a beer and throwing that line out into the water? These people got a little more than they expected when they went out for what was supposed to be a fun day of catching fish.

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Fishing is definitely one of those “think little, do little” hobbies that some people have patience for and others just do not at all. On the one hand it requires a whole lot of patience, but on the other it can become quite soothing and even therapeutic. That’s not to say that fishing is easy, oh no, sometimes it can be the most frustrating thing you ever do. There are few things worse than sitting on a bridge with your rod in the water and not even getting a single tug. But if you choose the right partners to go along with you, the booze and the banter could be worth more than the fish itself. In fact, with the right company you could be out at the lake for a full day and not even feel the time tick by. That doesn’t mean that going on a fishing trip alone can’t be enjoyable. On the contrary, actually. Some of my best fishing expeditions took place when I headed out to the water all on my lonesome – fishing pole, sandwiches, plenty to drink and my beige sun hat. Ahhh, those were the days!

Should we even get started on bait? Worms, right? Well actually there is a fortune of other options out there that most people don’t even know about. We’re not talking about strawberries and cream, although that would be quite nice. Some innovative fishermen have found other methods of catching fish, like using raisins, dog food, canned meat, and even bubblegum! Which one would you try?

In this gallery you will see all things fishing. Some are hilarious and others are genius, but you can be the judge of that because one man’s genius is another man’s idiot. Nobody actually said that, but it seems to make sense. Get ready to have yourself a good ol’ laugh at these folks that know (or don’t) a thing or two about fishing!


Tough Choice


Eric made the catch of the day, but that didn’t mean that it was an easy one. It was also difficult for him to choose which one of the two he was prepared to keep, and which he wanted to make dinner with.


Fishing The Loch Ness Monster


Going out to catch a few little fishies in the Loch Ness region of Scotland seemed like a nice idea to Victor. But it didn’t take long for him to realize that there was a lot more lurking beneath the water.


Fishing In The Flood


Where there’s water, there are fish, or at least that’s what this guy believed. The water was flowing, the traffic was at a standstill, what else was he to do? Exactly!


Lobster Lady


Candy loved lobster so much that she would go out and catch them herself. When her hands were full, she found alternative ways to keep the little critters from getting away.


Lurking In The Shallows


Sometimes fish can outsmart humans, and this is the perfect example of that. These fisherman thought they had it all figured out, but little did they know who they were dealing with.


Laws At Their Best


With all due respect, it could be that every single one of these people didn’t see the sign. Maybe they came from the other side of the bridge, so there’s no blame to go around.


Net That


Fishing is fun, and sometimes it is dangerous too. It’s not worth taking the risk, so rather get yourself patched up and protected so you can enjoy risk-free fishing. Just one question – what is that net on her helmet for?


Duck Face? Fish Face


We all know about the incredibly-ridiculous trend of making duck faces for photos. But who of you have heard about making fish faces? It’s not entirely up to you to do it though, just a curious fish and perfect timing.


No Fish Here


These men gather at the lake every Saturday morning for a catch. The catch might be a glimpse of another lake goer, since there hasn’t been a single fish in the lake since 46′.


Human Fishing Pole


When these best friends realized that they had forgotten their fishing poles at home, 80 miles away, they needed to make some sort of other arrangement. It might not have been the most effective decision, but it did kind of work.


Fishing On The Rocks


Not only are there lots of fish in the sea, but there are also endless amounts of parking spots. This guy thought it would be a good idea to run his boat up this rock – free parking?

When Fishing Is Life


We all have something that we love more than life itself. For this man it happens to be his fishing poles, and to be honest, we’re not even sure that he likes fishing at all. But fishing poles, yes!


Fish Flops


All we can say is that we hope those aren’t real fish, because if they were… Smelly feet all the way, man! But if they aren’t, they’re pretty cool fish flops!


When Life Gives You Lemons


This man is an absolute optimist! He knows that there’s an opportunity in every situation, no matter how difficult a situation may seem. It might seem like it’s only a pothole, but perhaps it’s a school of fishes’ playground.


Brought The Baby Along


There was no way that Brenda was going to let Mark go on one of his fishing trips after he hid it from her the last time. Plus, he promised to do something with the kids.


Long Lost Brother


Maybe you’ve heard stories of siblings that were lost at birth and met up years later. Have you ever heard of a story quite like this one? A story of a guy who found his long lost brother… or at least he thinks this fish is.


Too Bad


In life there are so many temptations, but we can’t always act on them. This bridge is incredibly inviting for fishing and diving off of, but rules are rules.


Saturday Is Saturday


For the last 53 years, Sidney has come to the Clark Lake on a Saturday for some fishing. He made a promise to himself that he would keep coming for as long as he could. It seems he still could.


Married To The Sea


When she said, “I do”, what do you think she meant? Maybe she meant that she does love fishing! This gal is all about the sea and fishing.


Sofa So Good


“How’s life going, Jim?” “Sofa so good,” he answered. He’s got everything he needs. He’s got a television, a good friend, a sofa and cold beer to drink. It doesn’t get much better than that.


50/50 Risk


Are you willing to take the risk? You have two options on this one. One could result in a hefty fine, while the other could result in a lovely day fishing at the lake.


Neck Deep


Is this going to become a new sport? Fishing on the back of a giraffe? It makes sense if you think about it since a giraffe has a really long neck. But can they swim?


Real Reel Therapy


We did say that fishing was therapeutic, so this boat is appropriately named. A day out on the lake could mean dinner, and it could just mean some relaxation time.


New Level Fishing


When you become a master fisherman, this is the level you reach. It might not be worth all the effort to bring this truck to the beach, but if it’s already there, then why not use it?


Cat Fish


So let me get this straight. The fisherman paddle out into the water to catch the fish, and then the cats wait for them on the shore? Seems like a pretty good deal… for the cats at least.


It’s Personal


This is the perfect fishing chair for someone who wants to go out alone. I guess you could also call it a personal fishing boat, if you wish to, of course.


Almost Got It Right


They were told to take the boat to the river, and then to let it in halfway in order to release it. They almost had it right, only they were facing the wrong way.


This Is The Life


Billy couldn’t care less about the situation about him, he was going to have a swim, a beer and a day out fishing. Considering that the river came to him, he decided that he didn’t need to go anywhere.

Mermaid Friendly


Firstly, this is great. Dogs need to know how to keep their humans on their leashes. Secondly, this is amazing! Those with gills and feathers can do what they want in the water.


His And Hers


Now this is what a perfect couple looks like. He has given her the space she wants to chat it up with her friends, and she has given him the space to do some fishing alone. Looks to me like a happy couple on the river.


The Vikings Are Back


Things have changed over the years, but the way the vikings go fishing hasn’t really. Maybe their art-adorned shields don’t look exactly like they did, but hey, they’re still pretty good.


Fly Fishing


This dude is a fly-fishing master! This is how it’s done, or at least that’s what he’s gotten us to believe. He flies, he fishes – ladies and gentlemen, he fly-fishes!


Don’t Catch Anything


How do you know you’re in a fisherman’s bathroom? I guess there is some reel evidence next to the toilet. Whatever you do, don’t go fish!


No Pole


That massive fish was being cheeky, evading the fishing hooks and swimming right up to Tom’s boat. Tom couldn’t deal with it any longer, so he took matters into his own hands… literally.


Man Overboard


Yeah yeah, we’ve all thought that something was a brilliant idea at some point… until… crack! So this guy probably learned his lesson pretty quickly.


Very Practical


When you go fishing all the time, you would think that you would take a measuring tape with you on each expedition. But this guy kept forgetting his, so he made a little plan of his own.


Creativity At Its Best


There are few things worse than heading out on a fishing trip without bait. This fishing enthusiast used what he had and turned it into a genius bait device.


Bird’s Nest


Man oh man. If this has ever happened to you then you know how annoying and frustrating it could be. All you wanted to do was release a little line. Now you’ve got a bird’s nest.


Taking Advantage


Gary really wanted to join his friends on their weekly fishing trip, but they were reluctant. After much convincing, they allowed him to tag along… it was his choice.


First Catch


It wasn’t David’s first time out fishing, but it sure was Danny’s. He loved the idea of being out on the water, the cool air and all those yummy treats. But when David pulled a fish out of the water, everything got bizarre.


No Matter What


Little Timmy was a fisherman at heart. He didn’t care what the circumstances were, he was always going to go the lake that Sunday. He threw caution and his diaper to the wind and got ready for some catching.


What Did He Catch?


I’ve heard of fishing for compliments, but what on Earth is this? But we must admire the bait that this young boy has used, because we all know how far a dollar can go.


Look Twice


You really need to do a double take when it comes to this hilarious photo! At first it looks like a man caught a fish with a little man standing on it. What a relief it is to know that’s not what’s really going on.


Not Quite


Does this guy know what fishing is all about? Probably not. He definitely knows how to catch fish, but he might not know what to do with them afterwards. A gun? Really dude?


Human Fishing


The question of the day is… “Who caught whom?” And the answer of the day is… Well, we don’t know, but we do love this funny picture.


No Worries


It was the motto of the group – “No worries.” But when their boat went down in the depths of the river, it seemed that they had more to worry about than they thought.


Ice Fishing


This is what ice fishing looks like in the mind of a child. Do you think this poor little fishy is still alive? It sort of reminds me of Austin Powers.


Getting Stuck In


How long has the guy been out fishing? Probably too long, seeing as the ice cap he parked on has almost melted away entirely. There’s probably a good reason why people don’t always take their trucks onto the ice.


Catch And Then Caught


Sylvia was so proud of her first actual catch. She reset her sunglasses on her nose and smiled for the camera. And then just like that, the fish she caught decided it wasn’t as photogenic as Sylvia had wished.


All The Help He Could Get


Going out on your own to catch fish in the river can be pretty difficult. Only innovative fishermen can utilize their surroundings for their benefit, and this man just did that.


Lunch In 5,4,3…


What a catch it was! It was the perfect catch for an early lunch. The only question to ponder was, whose lunch exactly would this be? And maybe more accurately, who will be lunch?


He Caught The Most


Who said you need to be in the water to get some great catching done? This man caught the most out of all of his friends, good for him!


Last Man Standing


All of Tony’s friends warned him of the warming temperature, but he was determined to get his catch of the day. He even experienced his own version of global warming.


Getting Ahead


Sometimes you just can’t wait for your friends to bring their fishing poles, so you dive right in… head first. If you thought drinking iced tea gave you brain freeze, try doing this.


Catch Of The Day


He sure did get the catch of the day. Even though he had to call on the help of six friends and a towtruck, he still managed to get the biggest catch of them all.


When You Show Up Early


This is what it looks like when you show up for a meeting and it’s still too early. Nothing wrong with being too early; definitely something wrong showing up with no pants.


Mom Look What I Caught


Sometimes kids just aren’t cut out for the life of fishing. This cute child didn’t get a fishing pole, but rather just a fishing net. He wasn’t thrilled, and he made sure to let his dad know that.


Dry Land Fishing


We really hope that there is water nearby, or else this picture will hardly make any sense. We have to congratulate her for getting such a big catch!


Breakfast With A View


There’s nothing quite like starting your morning off with a delicious breakfast accompanied by a beautiful view. It doesn’t hurt to throw in some fishing, does it?


An Underwater Expedition


Fishing underwater? We can’t say we’ve ever seen it but hey, maybe it’s the new fishing fad! This guy could open up a tour company called “Fishing With The Fish”, he’d make a killing! The company supplies customers with a diving suit, oxygen tank, flippers, and most importantly, a fishing bucket and rods. We’re curious how successful this fella was…let’s hope he didn’t become the bait for other sea creatures…shark!


Something Fishy


Didn’t anyone tell her you’re supposed to wait until you get home before eating the fish? Oh, and that you’re supposed to cook it first?! This photo gives us the geebies just thinking about the smell! We wonder how long she brushed her teeth for after this event occurred!


Uh Oh!


Imagine taking the boat out on a beautiful Saturday with your wife, the suns out, the baits ready and there’s a cold beer in your hand. Life is so good…what could go wrong? When all of a sudden, you fall overboard! We’re not quite sure how this man fell face first off his boat and we’re convinced his wife wasn’t expecting it either! The surprise is plastered across her face. Also, what are the odds that someone happened to take a picture of this at the exact second it occurred…we’re not sure, but we aren’t asking questions!


Sleeping on the Job


Fishing is tough work…and quite boring if you ask us! We guess these two underestimated how exhausting long hours out in the sun could be…they learned that day! We’re not convinced that they had much luck on the water that day, staying alert next time in case of a tug on the line may help!


Sewer Fishing


You can practice your fishing anywhere and everywhere…this guy proves just that! He may not have caught much deep down in the sewer system, but at least he had a relaxing afternoon brushing up on his skills. We wonder how long the bait was on the other end of his line…the rats may have eaten it hours ago!


Top of the Food Chain


This is the coolest seagull we’ve ever seen. Not only is he wearing the cutest fisherman’s hat, he’s fishing, and not with his mouth…with a rod! We guess he was tired of flying and trying to catch fish that way, this guy wanted to rest his wings and take a siesta…we don’t blame him!


Someone Got Caught


We’re sure this guy was holding his nose the entire time this picture was taken…imagine the smell! It looks like this fisherman was on the wrong end of the line…the fish caught him!


This Is My Territory


Gators do not mess around, if you’re in their water, they’re coming after you! This guy can attest to that! A nice relaxing day on the water turned into his biggest nightmare. We’re sure he’s never jumped up and pressed the gas that fast in his life! We sure would too!


Sewer Fishing Gone Wrong


Hmm, what were these two hooligans up to? We’re guessing they just had an epic play date below ground…in the sewers. Or, this is their secret passageway to get to each others homes? Nope, the boy in the blue is actually a professional sewer fisherman! He’s even caught a largemouth bass! We think his friend is gonna leave the fishing to up to him…maybe he’ll take up something a bit more mainstream…soccer anyone?


“Fly” Fishing


People in the Southwest Pacific really know how to fish! This man in New Caledonia foregoes the normal fishing tools and opts for a long stick instead…whatever works for you dude!


Bass Pro


Manabu Kurita of Kyoto, Japan caught this 22-pound 4-ounce bass in 2009! Put it this way…the average bass weighs about half that at 12 pounds! This guy is a monster, and this fisherman is amazing!


“Big Uglies”


Imagine catching an 180 pound fish? We sure can’t! These three guys each caught one! They were out on the southern coast of California during the summer of 2014 when they happened upon these opah fishes, also known as moonfish or “big uglies”.


It’s A Numbers Game


This guy sure has fishing figured out! Let’s hope he kept his mouth closed! This may not have ended so well for him!


One Fish, Two Fish, Redfish…


Look at that water…it’s full of fish, and not just ordinary fish…but redfish! This school of fish was found by two fisherman near Fernandina Beach, just off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. Dinner for days!


Noodling Gal


Meet Lucy Millsap, Lake Tawakoni, Texas native. She is the 2013 winner of the Okie Noodling Festival’s competition. Her 72-pound catch (not pictured) got her there! The former cheerleader gave up the sport to take on noodling more seriously!


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