Life and Health Experts Network


The Life and Health Independent Agent Network was launched by a handful of dedicated individuals. With over fifty years of combined insurance experience, the individuals have always believed that customers’ needs come first. Each and everyone one of them know that the relationship and trust that we work to have with our customers is largely responsible for where we are today.

Quantity versus Quality

Besides our people, what also makes us different from other Independents is our goal to represent the very best “Blue Chip”, highly rated Insurance companies in the industry. While we are always looking for carriers that can be of benefit to our clients we do not pick a company just for the sake of having one. We look for long term relationships with our insurance carriers because it means having a long term relationship with our customers. We set the highest standards of excellence in our independent agents in all 50 states. Rest assured that your  that we also set the highest standards of excellence with your personal insurance needs and in doing so we partner with carriers who day in and day out can serve our customers at a very high level.

Why Choose Our Network?

Our network of hand picked Independent Agents are by one definition is a diamond, shaped with uncompromising integrity and quality. That is our mission in the field of personal and business life and health insurance; to be a partner that our Customers can trust with confidence. We are an organization that strives to assure our clients that every available resource will be used to completely satisfy their insurance needs. It is with a lot of long hours and hard work and the help of many people who share in that business philosophy. To learn more about our Network of Agents as well as the advantages of buying your insurance from an Independent Insurance Agent, contact an agent in your area today!


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