Man Who Works From Home Keeps Naming His Dog ‘Employee Of The Month’


Working from home certainly has plenty of perks. Namely, a strict pyjama dress code and the chance to sneak in a bit of daytime telly.

But without the camaraderie of the office, working from home can feel pretty lonely at times. And the presence of a furry friend can make a world of difference.

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For distribution sales manager Michael Reeg from Georgia, his dog Meeka is a real asset when he is busy working away in his home office and has helped to ease his transition to telecommuting.

Driven Meeka pads on over to Michael’s home office every day without fail, proving herself to be a model employee and an all round good girl. Even when Michael is away, she will still turn up for work regardless, ready to go get that bread. Or at least some doggy treats…

When Meeka finds the door of the office shut, she doesn’t view this as a good excuse to phone in sick and curl up in her basket all day. Instead, she waits outside the door – no doubt dressed in a dog-sized eighties power suit – ready to jump up and assist should her boss need her.

Michael, who works for Accuride International US, told The Dodo:

Transitioning to a home-based position was quite a change, It’s quiet here. You need to get yourself fired up and excited about the day. Having a faithful companion in the office certainly helps.

He added:

There are times that I’ll even talk to her as I work through a problem or map out a customer solution. I try out my sales pitches and presentations on her. She’s not easily impressed or swayed. All she hears is ‘blah, blah, blah, Meeka’ — but she likes to hear my voice and I love that she pays attention.

Having her in my office all day is something that we both look forward to.


And career girl Meeka’s efforts have not gone unrecognised. Michael has handed her an Employee of the Quarter award ever since beginning the motivational initiative back in 2016.

Each award is diligently framed, providing an inspirational gallery for any corporate canine looking to prove herself in the workplace.

Sadly, Meeka’s glass ceiling breaking attitude has failed to rub off on the other dog of the house, Kya who is reportedly much more of a lady of leisure.

Michael’s daughter Madison told The Dodo:

I was not surprised at all when my dad first showed me the framed picture of Meeka as Employee of the Quarter because Meeka is very loyal to my dad and his (their) work, I just thought it was hilarious.


Oh Meeka. If only I could channel your work ethic and can-do attitude as I try and get my snout back to the grindstone after an extremely lazy Christmas break.

Could we soon see a girl-power memoir from Meeka, detailing how to stay top dog as a high-powered career pooch?

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