Mutual Funds can help you invest in your future.


  • A way to invest for both near-and long-term needs
  • Investments across multiple sectors so your money is diversified
  • Access to funds that are professionally managed with as little as $1,000 to start

Mutual funds are an easy way to tap into expert professional management so you can reach your long-term financial goals. Whether you’re aiming for something in the short term, like a car or vacation, or long term, like a new home or retirement, you can invest to help reach those goals. At New York Life Investments, you can gain access to leading money managers through our MainStay mutual funds, available on many different investing platforms. It’s easy to buy a mutual fund. In just minutes you can put yourself on a path to achieving your goals with a professionally run, diverse portfolio of investments.


Choosing the right mutual fund.

There are plenty of mutual funds to choose from. Each fund has its own specific investing strategy—and its own risks and rewards. You may want to factor those in when thinking about your goals, your timeframe, and your risk tolerance. A Financial Services Professional can help you find the right balance.

Mutual funds can help meet your investment goals.


With individuals living longer and fuller lives, investors may want to consider a diversified mix of long-term growth solutions across market capitalizations and regions.

Income Generation

Investors seeking income in today’s low, but rising, interest rate environment may want to consider looking beyond just core bonds to build a durable and dependable income stream.

Volatility Management

Volatility comes in all shapes in sizes, and investors may want to consider solutions from New York Life Investments to help manage volatility and build resilient portfolios.

Inflation Management

With inflation expected to rise, investors may want to consider not only equity strategies, which have historically kept up with or surpassed inflation levels due to their potential for capital appreciation, but other options that may be well positioned in this environment.


Municipal bonds have historically had a low correlation to other fixed-income sectors, which can help investors add another layer of diversification to their portfolios.

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