Our Mission


The Life and Health Experts (lifeandhealth.expert) is a education organization dedicated to helping consumers take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products. The Life and Health Experts emphasizes the importance of planning for the unknown.

With a focus on life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance, The Life and Health Experts goal is to help consumers better understand these products and how each fits within an overall financial plan. The Life and Health Experts also seeks to remind people of the important role insurance professionals perform in helping families, businesses and individuals find the insurance products that best fit their needs.

The Life and Health Experts does not endorse any product, company or insurance advisor.

We are not an insurance company.

Instead, we are your education source for life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance. We also serve as your connection point to independent insurance agents who are waiting to serve you.

Our site helps you choose an independent insurance agent.

We’ll show you multiple options to find the perfect agent for your needs based on insurance coverage and price.

Independent agents are just that…independent. Like you.

They are able to write policies from multiple insurance carriers, rather than being bound by the policies offered by a single company.

We help you find an agent right in your neighborhood.

You want an agent who is part of your community—who will be there for you personally if you need them, and isn’t just a voice in a call center somewhere. Most independent agents are small business people, and they understand your needs.

Your independent agent will build you a coverage plan personalized for you, and provide support when claim time comes. Because they are free to choose, they have more flexibility within policies to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our process saves you time and money.

We connect you to the right agent, and they do the comparison shopping for you. No more entering your personal details into 50 separate sites in hopes of getting quotes to compare—your agent will handle it for you, then help you decide which option is best.

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