Sickening: Disabled American Veterans Chapter Burglarized and Defiled


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It’s the kind of story that absolutely infuriates anyone with a conscience.

Chapter #8 of the Disabled American Veterans in Connecticut is one of the oldest in the country. In 2020, the chapter turns 90. Their mission is to take care of all disabled veterans, their families, widows, and orphans. They also help around 400 veterans a year with their VA disability claims.

Anyone with a heart is going to be sickened by what happened to them earlier this month.

On January 15th, one of the service officers was opening their office when he discovered the building had been burglarized. 

Rob Kaminski went there to assess the damage while the police were taking the report.

The building was broken into and ransacked.

The building was trashed. Anything with a lock was broken. Historical items were taken. They opened a MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) on the POW/MIA table. Then they ate some of it while ransacking the place.

The POW/MIA table was defiled.

Rob’s anger wasn’t about the stolen items.


“I am not angry about the TV, computer, and other common things that were taken. Those can be replaced. I’m angry because they took historical objects and documents of our chapter’s history. This included items from past commanders and documents from our history as a chapter. These things hold no value to anyone else. To our members they are priceless. Those cannot be replaced ever!” he said.

How did we get to this point in society?  Is this a simple case of parents who failed to raise their kids with respect… or is it a group of adults who never had any respect to begin with?

“The disrespect shown by these thieves goes beyond anything I could have imagined,” said Kaminski.  “I think they were either ignorant of what the items meant, or they knew and didn’t care. The lack of respect to all the veterans everywhere is despicable.”

Irreplaceable items were taken from the building.

When I look at society these days, I’m terrified at what’s happening.  My grandfather’s generation stormed the beaches in Normandy.  For generations, blood was shed in service to our country. 

Now we have kids in desperate need of “safe spaces” from words.  We have the destruction of not just property, but of sacrifice.

This organization honors those living and those fallen.  To know that so many veterans and their families made sacrifices over the years only to have their legacy tarnished like this is disgusting.  As of today, the idiots who trashed the place have not yet been caught.

“We have been blessed that the community here is overwhelmingly supportive,” said Kaminski.  “Business owners, citizens, and even other veteran groups have rallied to support us. The support has renewed my faith that people really do care. It has helped to strengthen the bond between the community and its veterans.”

If you or anyone you know has any information, please reach out to Connecticut State Police.

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