Variable Universal Life Insurance: Protection for your lifetime. And the chance to take advantage of growth when the market is strong.


  • Permanent protection for your family
  • A way to let your money get exposure to market trends, tax deferred
  • Access to your cash value when you need it

Variable universal life insurance means permanent protection for you and your family, while giving you the opportunity to choose how to invest the cash value of your policy. Some of our clients want to capture the gains offered by a strong market, and don’t mind risk. If that doesn’t sound right for you, our other permanent life policies offer guarantees on cash value growth, without the risk—or the potential market gains.


With Variable Universal Life, you’re in control of your investments.

There are a few choices you can make to get the right mix of investments within your policy. Some clients like being able to pick their investment options themselves from a range of well-known financial firms. Others prefer using a model-portfolio approach with investment combinations that have been built by experts. You can match your risk tolerance and time horizon however you decide to invest.

Work with a Financial Services Professional to customize your policy with these add-ons, which are also known as riders:

Protection in the event that you become disabled

If you’re looking for additional protection in the event you become disabled, the Monthly Deduction Waiver option will waive certain fees, which helps protect your cash value. Or, the Waiver of Specified Premium option covers your policy premiums if your not able to pay them. These are both available for purchase, and the majority of our clients include them in their policies.

Protect your cash value

If you want some protection from the ups and downs of the market, you might consider purchasing our Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefit. You’ll get a promise that your return rate won’t drop below a certain level if the market falls. It’s available if your policy has been inforce for 12 years or more and it may limit the investment options you’re able to select.

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